Kitchen Remodel, yes please! Sooo…. What do I want?

From Pinterest to home decor magazines to HGTV, you will not be short on ideas for your new kitchen.  Don’t let it overwhelm you.

One of the first things to consider is:  what’s most important to you? Style, Functionality, Cabinet Space, High End Appliance, All of the Above? 

Oftentimes the best place to start is with inspiration photos of the style or color scheme that catches your eye. For us, the more photos the better! We love to see it all, even if the themes don’t quite match. We will pick out the elements from your inspiration images to create a cohesive vision.

Picking out cabinets can be surprisingly cumbersome. Costs vary greatly between custom, semi-custom or prefabricated cabinets so your budget will be key. Regardless of which you choose, there are amazing options in all three categories. Things to consider when selecting cabinets are door style, finish, storage and organization, hardware and framing. 

Backsplash and counters are where you can have some fun!! Consider looking beyond granite and subway tile. Add color and textures to make your kitchen one-of-a-kind.


When working with a designer, it is important to stay true to your aesthetic. Your designer may try to push you out of your comfort zone which is fun and exciting!  Don’t be afraid to speak up and make sure your voice is heard. You deserve the best!

Stay away from trends on big ticket items. A kitchen remodel can be pricey and you want the overall look to be timeless. Incorporate trends in less expense pieces like accessories and wallpaper. 

There will be a time when you second guess everything you and your designer originally selected. Take a deep breath and trust the process.

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