One Room Challenge – Week 1 (Bathroom Remodel)

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Hello Design Lovers,

I am beyond excited to announce that I will be a Guest Participant for One Room Challenge! One Room Challenge is an online platform which follows a designer’s journey through an 8-week renovation project. Yes, I said 8 weeks! It is a highly anticipated and well respected event that has transformed over 4,800 spaces to date. I am in great company with fellow designers and cannot be happier to get my project started.

For those of you who are new here, WELCOME! I am Natasa, owner and Principal Designer of Natasa Jones Interiors. We are a full service interior design studio located in Milwaukee, WI. 

The Project –  Bathroom

I decided to do a full gut remodel of a bathroom in my own house. It is an ambitious task to complete in 8 weeks. However, I have amazing local partners that are stepping up to the plate and we will make it happen! We bought our Mid Century style home in October of 2019 and have been renovating it ever since. So far, we have remodeled all the living spaces including kitchen, living room, dining room and staircase. The architecture of our home is what attracted me to it. It has a lot of open space, an exposed staircase that flows from one side of the house to the other. The house was built in 1963 and I believe some updates were done in the early 90’s. There is a rumor that it was featured in Better Homes and Gardens sometime in it’s glory.  I have researched all the archives and have not been able to find it yet. But I will not give up! Hey @betterhomesandgardens, help a girl out!

Let me tell you about this bathroom. When we first moved in it had wallpaper and some nautical décor so that was the first thing to go.


We painted the room and trim white until I have a design plan in place. I hope you are ready for this… There is a blue tub, blue tile surrounding the tub, blue sink and, you guessed it, BLUE TOILET! This style was very popular in the era of the house. We also have an all-yellow bath and as much as I love my yellow, this is the next room to go.

This bathroom is currently used by my children and although we want to make it fun, we don’t do too much cutesy stuff around here. Our home is sophisticated, minimalistic and livable. At Natasa Jones Interiors we call it Livable Modern. Children are free to decorate their own rooms, but any other spaces are handled by Mama.

The Floorplan 

We will not be changing the current floorplan of the bathroom , the main reason being that we are limited with space. We do however plan to remove all the soffits to create more height. The plan is to also widen the toilet cove as it is not to code right now. It is recommended to have at least 15” from the middle of the toilet to the wall or any other surface so we will be fixing that problem.



Mood Board

In our design process at Natasa Jones Interiors, we always like to start with a mood board. Mood board is not an inspiration board of other bathrooms and finishes, it is a collection of images that evoke the same feeling that we hope to accomplish in the designed space. For this project I pulled some images that inspired the lines, colors the mood of the design. I will be using a lot of round shapes to create movement. Colors will be neutral, pulled from nature and to add interest, I will be using contrasting tones.


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Week ONE is a wrap. I will see you next week with colored renderings and update on DEMO DAY!



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