One Room Challenge – Week 6 (Bathroom Remodel)

Hello design lovers, 

It is Week 6 of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE and I am officially my own worst client. Why? Because everything is DELAYED!!! To catch up on our remodeling journey, you can read the first 5 weeks of our Bathroom Design Progress. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5.


This week I want to get real with you and tell you about the design process as well as the current state of our industry.  I am not going to go into detail on the entire process but focus on the 4 main stages of the design to give you an idea of what you can expect in the roller-coaster of a remodeling project. 

Kickoff Meeting  – Happy Times!

When we meet with clients for the kickoff design meeting, it is usually the happiest time for everyone. We talked about the general idea for the design and client is telling us of all the hopes and dreams for the space. We agree on the investment range, contracts are signed, and we are excited to start. 

Design Phase – Exciting Stuff! 

This part of the design takes several weeks for us, depending on the scale of the project. The meeting for this is set at the beginning so as the client, you know exactly when you can expect us to present the designs. At this meeting we are bringing all the visuals to our clients. We are telling a story of the space through Floorplans, 3D renderings, furniture selections, lighting and more!  This is an exciting part of the project because the client can finally visualize what we are creating for them. We have all the contractors lined up, more contracts are signed, and we are starting the work. 

Construction and procurement – Frustration Zone! 

At this time, the work is underway, there is dust for weeks, contractors are in and out of client’s house, and the frustration and impatience are growing. As professionals, we know that this is the least favorite part of the remodel for our clients, so we try to encourage them to stay patient and remember the gorgeous renderings and furniture selections we have provided them with. A little surprise bottle of champagne doesn’t hurt either !  This is the exact place we are in right now with our ORC project! My house is dusty, kids are running down the stairs to use the only other bathroom in the house. There is protective cardboard on the stairs and the bathroom is a complete gut. Typically, because I understand the design process, this phase doesn’t bother me so much… however, as I am trying to finish the project in the 8 week period I am being an inpatient client for myself. . Might have to send myself a bottle of champagne!!

As people are spending more time at home during this time, we are experiencing a very high demand on design services. This means contractors are busier, materials are more expensive, and the furnishings and finishes are delayed. I had spent the last 4 days at the Highpoint Furniture Market to research new vendors to add to our portfolio and talk to our current reps about the items that have quicker lead times. We are working around the clock to give our clients the best possible solution. 

Reveal Day – It was all worth it!

Ah… the final install day. This is the happiest time for both the client and for us. We ask our clients to give us a full day to install all the furnishings, lighting, drapery and put finishing touches on the space. Once the clients see their new space all dolled up we are back at the happy place.  Good design and craftsmanship take time, and in the end, you will love us for it!

The good news is:

  • Drywall is done
  • Our Terrazzo and Marble countertops are fabricated and ready for install
  • The tile from Lexco tile is picked up and ready for install
  • Electrician is scheduled for next week Monday
  • Floor Coverings International Flooring has arrived and is being installed on the 22nd (two days before the final deadline)
  • Siteline Vanity is being delivered next week
  • Tub and Faucet are en route to us from Kohler 
  • Lighting is ordered from our friends at Elektra Lights

We have a lot of work ahead folks! It will be an intense 2 weeks.


Thank you for following along and thank you to my amazing sponsors:

Kohler Signature Store 

Denise Merbeth (Siteline)

Terrazzo and Marble Supply CO

Lexco Tile & Stone 

Floor Coverings International 

Elektra Lights and Fans 

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