One Room Challenge – Week 8 (Bathroom Remodel – Final Reveal)


Hello design lovers!

It is Week 8 and the final week for our bathroom remodel through the One Room Challenge. To catch up on how we got here check out the previous posts Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5, Week 6.

It has been a challenge to say the least, but we are here! Last week I did not post a blog because I didn’t see the end in sight. Product was delayed, contactors overbooked, and I was FREAKING OUT! I didn’t want to give up because I committed to this process and wanted to make sure that I exhaust all my resources before I throw in the towel. I reached out to my sponsors at Kohler Signature Store here in Milwaukee and they came through! I don’t even know what they did but they managed to move some stuff around and get us all the missing products so that we can finish our project. All my sponsors have been beyond helpful, and I cannot thank them enough for their generosity and commitment to this project. Therefore, we must take a few extra days to perfect the project and photograph it. My sponsors and you deserve top-notch photos of the space so please allow me a few more days to provide you with the final reveal!


The design story for this bathroom was Neutral, Modern with a little Fun! This is one of two bathrooms in our home, and it is used by my children. Our entire home has a peaceful, minimal approach and while kids are allowed to decorate their own rooms how they please, mama takes care of all the common spaces! With that said, this bathroom is sophisticated, but I made sure to incorporate a few whimsy elements.


The floor tile we selected from Floor Coverings International, Milwaukee South is gorgeous. I wasn’t sure what the product is going to feel like being that it is a LVT but it looks and feels amazing. It looks luxurious and with this large scale tile it actually makes the space look larger.

The Lexco Tile & Stone Amplify Reef White Wave tile behind the vanity came out exactly how I pictured. We made sure to do a very tight installation with a minimal gap between the tile and used white grout to eliminate the lines and create the continuous wave effect. The Biel Marengo tile is surrounding the tub was installed vertically to create more visual height. We used the darker grout to achieve a clean look. 

I kept picturing these matte black Kohler fixtures against the light surfaces and they did not disappoint! The contrasting tones really make them take center stage and create so much visual interest. The faucet is from their Composed collection and the shower head is from the Purist collection. The new tub makes such a big difference, and I am so glad we decided to change it completely and not glaze/paint the existing blue one. I see many bubble baths in our future!

The Calacatta Lincoln Quartz countertop I sourced from Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies has just the right amount of gray veining to tie in with the tile and flooring. The selection of natural stone as well as quarts and ceramic surfaces at their showroom is amazing. It was very hard choosing just one!


I posted several stories on Instagram about Components LED sconce. It is the jewelry of this project! The way that the light comes through the water is so flattering. I was as shocked as you probably are to hear that there is water in these lights and the design is outstanding! Lighting is a fairly new venture for Kohler, and it is a stunning collection. You can check it out here

The Siteline vanity in Alder Sandpiper is like a warm hug in this bathroom. I chose the warm tone wood to complement the cooler tones of tile and flooring. I also designed the floating shelves in the same finish so the whole space looks intentional and cohesive. 

Thank you so much for following along for the past 8 weeks. Your words of encouragement made it so much easier to navigate through the challenges of the project! Hope you enjoy the final product and make sure to drop me a note!



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Thank you to my amazing sponsors:

Kohler Signature Store 

Denise Merbeth (Siteline)

Terrazzo and Marble Supply CO

Lexco Tile & Stone 

Floor Coverings International 

Elektra Lights and Fans 

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