Want to Remodel your Kitchen?

Now what?

Knowing where to start can be the most intimidating part of any kitchen project.  In our (un)biased 🙂 opinion, we believe an Interior Designer should be your first call. It is important to translate your vision into a concrete plan.  A designer will work with an architect or general contractor to make the plan into a reality. However, whomever you start with, it is never too late for a designer to jump in! Designers love collaborating with General Contractors and Architects. It gives them the opportunity to act as the liaison between the client and the rest of the team!

What exactly does everyone do?

Interior Designer: Interior designers work with their clients to make spaces functional, safe, and beautiful. They help select finishes, fixtures, determine space requirements and help select decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and furniture. Designers also create renderings and drawings that can assist Architects and General Contractors.

General Contractor: A General Contractor is someone who coordinates and supervises every aspect of a building or remodeling project. This includes securing the proper permits for the project as well as hiring, scheduling and overseeing the work of other subcontractors (carpenters, plumbers, electricians). A General Contractor can serve as the project manager on your behalf.

Architect:  Architecture is about designing spaces that are functional and safe. Architects consider building codes, safety issues, and functionality matters such as floor plans, placement of outlets, and other issues.  Architects are tasked with drawings and blueprints the General Contractor can use when construction begins.

Budget & Timelines!!

Unfortunately, it comes as no surprise that now-a-days things cost more and timelines are longer. Whether it is $40,000 renovation or $100,000 renovation, outlining a budget is a key part of the process. Your budget may include the following: Professional Fees, Labor, Cabinetry, Hardware, Flooring, Counters, Backsplash, Appliances, Faucetry, Building Materials, Lighting and Furniture.

Depending on the size and scope of the renovation, you can expect about a 20+ week timeline. Why so long? In the preconstruction phase, you have to consider the initial design and redesign, hiring of trades, ordering of materials, and waiting and waiting and waiting for your material to arrive. In the construction phase, there is demo, flooring/painting, cabinets, measuring for countertop, waiting for countertops and installing countertops.

Don’t let the budget and timeline deter you from getting the kitchen of your dreams. With proper planning and clear expectations, you will get there. Maybe not as soon as you would like… but we promise, you will get there!

Who to Trust?

When you are looking for an Interiors Designer, General Contractor or Architect, ask your friends, family or colleagues for recommendations. They will give the good, bad and the ugly of their experiences! If all else fails, check out online reviews. We suggest “interviewing” several firms in each category until you find the company that best fits your personality and work style.

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